Man pages for rchlumsk/RavenR
Raven Hydrological Modelling Framework R Support and Analysis

addColTransAdd Transparency to Colours
annual.peakAnnual Peak Comparison
annual.peak.errorAnnual Peak Errors
annual.peak.eventAnnual Peak Event Comparison
annual.peak.event.errorAnnual Peak Event Errors
annual.peak.timing.errorAnnual Peak Timing Errors
annual.volumeAnnual Volume Comparison
apply.wyearlyApply function for water year
apply.wyearly.colsApply function for water year
calc.areas.rvhCalculate areas from Raven .rvh file
calc.runoff.coeffGenerate runoff coefficients upstream of gauges
col.transparentAdd Transparency to Colours
cum.plot.flowCumulative Plot of model flows
custom.dataCustom Output Data from Raven
customoutput.plotPlot Raven Custom Output
custom.readRead Raven Custom Output files
ECflow.rvtEC Streamgauge File Conversion
ECmet.rvtEC Climate Station File Conversion
exhaustivemb.readRead in Raven Exhaustive Mass Balance file
flowdurcurve.plotPlots summary of watershed forcing functions
flow.residualsScatterplot of model flows
flow.scatterplotScatterplot of model flows
flow.spaghettiFlow Spaghetti Plot
forcing.dataForcings Data from Raven
forcings.plotPlots summary of watershed forcing functions
forcings.readRead in Raven ForcingFunctions file
HRUMap.plotPlot continuous data using HRU shapefile
HRUMap.prep.customPrepare data for plotting from Raven custom output file
HRUMap.prep.tableHRU plot preparation from table
hyd.extractExtract function for Raven Hydrograph object
hyd.plotPlot Hydrograph
hyd.readRead in Raven Hydrograph file
hydrograph.dataHydrograph Data from Raven
iscolourCheck Validity of Colour Representation
monthly.vbiasMonthly Volume Bias
mos.namesMonths in the Year vector
num.daysNumber of Days between two dates
numDaysNumber of Days between two dates
num.days.monthNumber of Days in Month
numDaysMonthNumber of Days in Month
obsfile.createCreate Raven observation data (rvt) file
obsweightsfile.createCreate Raven observation data weight (rvt) file
obsweights.genCreate weights time series for calibration/diagnostic...
Ost.bestparamsObtain set of best params from Ostrich data
Ost.params.compareCompare parameters between Ostrich jobs
Ost.plotPlot data from Ostrich output
Ost.readRead Data from Ostrich output
res.extractExtract function for Raven Reservoir object
res.initCreate initial conditions file for Reservoirs
res.plotPlot Reservoir Stage
res.readRead in Raven ReservoirStages file
rvh.cleanHRUsClean HRU data table.
rvh.readRead Raven .rvh (watershed discretization) file
rvh.writeWrite/Overwrite Raven .rvh (watershed discretization) file.
SBMap.animateCreate Animated Subbasin Map
SBMap.plotPlot Continuous Data Using Subbasin Shapefile
subbasinNetwork.plotPlot Raven subbasin network.
substrLeftsubstring from the Left
substrMLeftsubstring minus characters from the Left
substrMRightsubstring minus characters from the Right
substrRightsubstring from the Right
timeseries.infillInfill discontinuous time series with blank values
watershed.dataWatershed Storage Data from Raven
watershedmeb.readRead in Raven WatershedMassEnergyBalance file
watershed.readRead in Raven WatershedStorage file
which.max.xtsWhixh Max (xts)
write.flow.rvtWrite Raven rvt file from Flow Series
wyear.indicesWater Year Indices
wyear.indices.ausWater Year Indices (Australian)
wyear.indices.customWater Year Indices Custom
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