Man pages for rebeccalpowell/grassmapr
Predict C3/C4 Grass Distribution

calcC4RatioPredict C4 Ratio for Grasses
calcDel13CCalculate d13C isoscape
calcPFTCoverCalculate Plant Functional Type Cover Layers
COC3CropPercent C3 Crop Cover for Colorado
COC4CropPercent C4 Crop Cover for Colorado
combineMasksGenerate Climate Masks Based on Two Parameters
COMeanPreMean Monthly Precipitation Grid for Colorado
COMeanTmpMean Monthly Temperature Grid for Colorado
COMonthlyNDVIMonthly MODIS NDVI for Colorado
countMonthsCount Number of Months in Climate Mask Layers
COWoodyPercent woody cover for Colorado
grassmaprgrassmapr: A package to map C3/C4 grass distribution and...
maskClimateValsMask Climate Grids Based on Single Parameter
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