Man pages for rebeccalpowell/grassmapr
Predict C3/C4 Grass Distribution

calc_C4_ratioPredict C4 Ratio for Grasses
calc_del13CCalculate d13C isoscape
calc_pft_coverCalculate Plant Functional Type Cover Layers
count_monthsCount Number of Months in Climate Mask Layers
cropC3_NAPercent C3 Crop Cover for North America
cropC4_NAPercent C4 Crop Cover for North America
grassmaprgrassmapr: A package to map C3/C4 grass distribution and...
intersect_masksIntersect Two Masks
mask_climateGenerate Climate Masks Based on Two Parameters
mask_gridsMask Grids Based on Single Parameter
ndvi_NAMean Monthly NDVI for North America
prec_NAMean Monthly Precipitation Grid for North America
temp_NAMean Monthly Temperature Grid for North America
woody_NAPercent woody cover for North America
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