Man pages for reconhub/incidence
Compute, Handle, Plot and Model Incidence of Dated Events

accessorsAccess various elements of an incidence object
bootstrapBootstrap incidence time series
conversionsConversion of incidence objects
cumulateCompute cumulative 'incidence'
estimate_peakEstimate the peak date of an incidence curve using bootstrap
find_peakFind the peak date of an incidence curve
fitFit exponential models to incidence data
get_countsGet counts from an incidence object
get_datesRetrieve dates from an incidence object
get_fitAccessors for 'incidence_fit' objects
group_namesextract and set group names
incidenceCompute incidence of events from a vector of dates.
palettesColor palettes used in incidence
plot.incidencePlot function for incidence objects
poolPool 'incidence' across groups
subsetSubsetting 'incidence' objects
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