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File Searching and Organizing for

bind_putio_downloadBind putio download_count to a table with hash
busboyr-packagebusboyr: File Searching and Organizing for
callback_urlTransfer complete callback url for
consume_callbackConsumes transfer complete tasks from putio
consume_loopConsume queues in a loop
consume_taskConsumes a given task
create_fileOrganize the downloaded files
create_requestRequest a title to download
create_taskCreates a task for workers
db_poolGet a db pool
download_imdbDownload imdb dataset
eval_expressionEvaluate an expression and print result
extract_episodeGet episode from torrent name
filter_lastShortcut for filtering the last record
from_imdbImdb text id to number
get_folderGet busboy folders file_id on
get_full_hdGet the hd preference of user
get_loggerGet a logger function
get_recordGeneric function for getting record by id
get_tableShortcut for getting a table
get_titleGet detailed title information
get_userGet user information from previous api response
get_user_titleGet all files of the user
insert_rowInsert a row to db
last_saved_jsonShortcut function for getting the last response json
lax_selectSelect statement with no column name control
omdb_searchSearch OMDB for a title
omdb_seasonGet detailed season information from OMDB
omdb_titleGet detailed title information from OMDB
pre_pmap_int64Converts integer64 to list before pmap
process_requestDownload a torrent for a single title request
pull_countShortcut for getting the count from db account information
putio_add_transferAdd transfer to
putio_create_folderCreate folder on
putio_db_poolGet db pool
putio_file_linkLink to users putio file
putio_files_deleteDelete a file on
putio_files_listGet users files
putio_files_moveRename a file on
putio_files_renameRename a file on
putio_get_tokenGet oauth token from putio user id
putio_get_transferGet information about a transfer auth url for busboy
putio_search_adminSearch with from:admin
random_stringGenerate random string
read_imdbRead imdb dataset file
refresh_shinySend a message to users session
refresh_titleNotify user about updates
save_apiCache a response to json api
search_titleSearch for an imdb title
search_torrentSearch torrents with imdb id
season_statusGet status of the title's season
select_torrentTorrent selection algorithm
set_full_hdSet the full hd preference
sqs_public_policyPublic policy for sqs queue
sqs_url_to_arnConvert sqs url to resource identifier
start_downloadStart a download for a title
tbl_episodeGet episodes of a series
tbl_putio_downloadPutio download table
title_seasonGet seasons of a title
title_statusGet status of a title
to_imdbNumber to imdb id text
torrentapi_tokenGet torrentapi token
unset_full_hdUnser the full hd preference
write_imdbWrite imdb dataset to db
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