outliers: Identifies outliers for plot_shiny.fosr()

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Identifies outliers for plot_shiny.fosr()


Internal method that assigns band depth values to curves based on exact fast MBD computation (Sun & Genton, 2012). Code modified from fbplot in fda package. A dataframe of residuals is passed as an argument, and depths and outlying curves are returned


outliers(data, factor = 1.5)



matrix or df of functional observations


a constant that determines the fences for outliers. Defaults to 1.5, as in classical definition for Tukey outliers.


Julia Wrobel jw3134@cumc.columbia.edu


Sun, Ying, Marc G. Genton, and Douglas W. Nychka. (2012). Exact fast computation of band depth for large functional datasets: How quickly can one million curves be ranked? Stat, 1, 68-74.

Sun, Ying, and Marc G. Genton. (2011). Functional boxplots. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 20, 313-334.

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