Man pages for renlund/dataman
Data management

attach_attrAttach attributes
ceqAn identity function that returns TRUE for confirmable...
collect_attrCollect attributes
cr_groupCreate 'cr_group' object
data_manData Management Tool (interactive-ish)
data_man_createGet data from 'data_man_container' info
data_man_get_recodeShow 'data_man' recodings
data_man_recodedRecoded variables
dftabletable wrapper
find_varFind variable
fix_cens_datefix censored dates
fixed_lengthfixed length
greprLook for a pattern in a character vector and return the hits
latex.cr_groupLatex method for objects of class 'cr_group'
make_dfTurn objects into data frames
make_df.data_man'make_df' method for 'data_man_container' object
refactorThis function manipulates factor levels
to_dateTransform to date
var_labget variables and labels
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