Man pages for renlund/descripteur
Describe Data Sets

alt_num_formatalternative formating
apply_flistapply flist to data.frame
attr2textget attributes as text
c_bnryvarious comparer functions for bnry types
c_catgvarious comparer functions for catg types
c_datevarious comparer functions for date types
c_realvarious comparer functions for real types
c_survvarious comparer functions for surv types
dattrset 'dtable' attribute
dattr-setchange 'dtable' attribute
d_bnryvarious describer functions for bnry types
d_catgvarious describer functions for catg types
d_datevarious describing functions for date variables
descripteur_desc_typesdescribable types
descripteur_other_typesother types
d_realvarious describer functions for real types
d_survvarious describer functions for surv types
dtablecreate descriptive table
dtable_attrextract attributes
dtable_cbindcbind for dtables
dtable_constantsget constants
dtable_fnotecreate (latex) footnotes from table variables
dtable_formatformat a dtable
dtable_guideDescription guide
dtable_ignoredget ignored
dtable_latexlatexify a dtable
dtable_missingdescribe missing
dtable_orderorder dtable
dtable_pruneprune dtable
dtable_rbindrbind for dtables
dtablesdtable for multiple types
dtables2file_helperfor exporting dtables (experimental)
dtables2latex_ungrouped_helperstandard dtables to latex operations
dtable_stdStandardized differences
dtable_subsetsubset a dtable
dtable_unknownget unknown
dt_compvarious functions for compact summary of variables
dt_descvarious functions for compact summary of variables
factorize_glistfactorize a glist
flistscreate flists
get_classget class
latex.dtable_otherlatex method for dtable_other objects
make_glistmake glist
opts_descdesc options
order_asordering of vector
print.dtableprint dtable
print.dtable_guideprint dtable_guide objects
print.dtable_otherprint method for dtable_other objects
weighted.quantileweighted quantile
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