Man pages for renlund/ucR
Ucr Stat Functions

base_tab_expSlight formatting for exporting a base tab object
base_tab_prepPrepare a data frame for base tabulating
cbind.ucr.model.tabCombine two or more model tables.
confint.coxme'confint' method for class 'coxme'
confint.glmerMod'confint' method for class 'glmerMod'
latex.ucr.base.tabProduce latex code from a '' object
latex.ucr.model.tabProduce latex code from a '' object
magnitudemagnitude of number
modCompCompare covariate influence
print.ucr.base.tabPrint a object
reFactorThis function manipulates factor levels
sens_specsensitivity and specificity
serverAm I on the server?
split.ucr.base.tabSplits a table into several sub-tables.
time_matchfind matches for specific units on variables in a given time...
time_match_rigidfind matches on variables in a given time period
tipsRView tipsR presentations
transFormatTransform and format
trunc_digitstruncation with digits
ucRucR: miscellaneous functions
ucr.base.tabCreate a baseline table
ucr.format.pFormat p values for readability
ucr.model.tabDescription of analysis models.
ucr_paletteThe UCR palette
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