Man pages for renozao/repotools
Tools for R Package Repositories

apiWorking with Packages
contrib_cacheRepository Indexes
download_fileDownloading Files From Password Protected Directories
get_remote_package_descriptionFetch DESCRIPTION File from Remote
get_shim_parentRetrieving Original Patched Function
github_remote_descriptionFetching Github Package Description
install.dependenciesInstalling All Package Dependencies
install.pkgsEnhanced Package Installation
OS_typeDeterminate Type of Operating System
packageDependenciesList Package Dependencies
parse_deps_versionsParse Package Dependencies
read_netrcParsing netrc files
remote_authResolve Authentication Credentials from Remotes
remote_get_apiAPI Query to Remote Source Control Repositories
remote_get_rawFetching Raw Contents form Remote Source Control Repositories
repos_authCRAN-style Repository Authentication Credentials
repos_urlRepository URLs
r_versions_nFetch the Last N R Versions
sourceURLSourcing Remote Files
url_authGets URL Authentication Token
write_PACKAGES_indexGenerate CRAN-like Repository Index
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