Man pages for replisims/peters-2016
Replication of Peters et al 2006

apply_publication_biasApply publication bias.
bloxplot_unbiasedPlot a boxplot of the unbiased I^2 values
boxplot_biasedPlot a boxplot of the biased I^2 values
combine_plotsCombine biased and unbiased I^2 boxplots
compile_plot_dataCompile plotting data for I^2 plot
compile_scenariosCompile a dataframe of simulation scenarios
compute_i_squaredComupte i_squared
compute_p_valueCompute p_value.
egger_testPerform Egger test
generate_meta_analysisGenerate meta-analysis data.
get_seedGet unique seed.————–
obtain_true_ma_sizeObtain true number of studies that need to be simulated.
peters_testPerform Peters Test
plot_error_ratePlotting the error rate with various facets
plot_powerPlot power
plot_type_1Plot type 1 error rate
run_simRun a prespecified simulation subset
select_probCompute selection probablility.
set_selection_indicatorSet selection idicator.
simulate_studySimulate single study.
simulate_unbiased_study_setSimulate full unbiased study set.
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