Man pages for rettopnivek/seqmodels
Distribution functions for sequential sampling models

dlevyThe Levy Distribution
dwienerTwo-boundary Wiener Process for Choice and Response Times
lines.seqmodelsDraw a Line Based on a 'seqmodels' Object
plot.seqmodelsGenerate a Blank Plot for a 'seqmodels' Object
points.seqmodelsAdd a Set of Points Based on a 'seqmodels' Object
quickdistCreate a 'seqmodels' Object for Quick Plotting
remgThe Exponentially Modified Gaussian Distribution
rexwaldThe ex-Wald distribution
rfrechetThe Frechet Distribution
rinvgaussThe Shifted Inverse Gaussian Distribution
rlbaThe LBA Model
rlba_1accA Linear Ballistic Accumulator
rwaldraceThe Wald Race Model
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