Measuring the Landscape of Civil War

This is a package, documentation, and replication repository for the paper "Measuring the Landscape of Civil War," Journal of Peace Research, February 15, 2018

The Paper:

Measuring the Landscape of Civil War - Read the Paper

Measuring the Landscape of Civil War - Read the Online Appendix

The Authors:

Replication Code and Analysis

Self Contained Package

All of the files necessary for reproducing our analysis are including in a self contained R package "MeasuringLandscape." You can install the package MeasuringLandscapeCivilWar from github with the instructions below:

if(!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")


The analysis and figures in the paper and statistical appendix are produced in a number of R Notebooks.

NOTE: Several parts of this analysis are stochastic, specific coefficient estimates and p-values will vary with each execution. Substantive results will be consistent across runs. We encourage the reader to run the replication multiple times and observe the variation.

File Preparation:

Fuzzy Matcher: A supervised learning pipeline for matching two placenames to one another even when they are spelled slightly differently.

Georeferencer: A supervised learning pipeline for assigning a real-world coordinate to a placename.

Analysis: Main analysis of the paper.

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