Man pages for reyzaguirre/st4gi
Statistical tools for genetic improvement

a01dataData for an alpha (0,1) design
aj.wdAdjust values with a grid of checks
ammiAMMI or GGE with data at plot level
ammi.gxeAMMI or GGE with data from an interaction means matrix
aov.2fANOVA for a 2-factor factorial
aov.metANOVA for MET with a RCBD
aov.rcbdANOVA for a RCBD
ascData for a 2-factor factorial with a CRD
cd.a01Alpha (0,1) design
cd.abAugmented Block Design
cd.crCompletely Randomized Design
cd.factorialCreate design for a factorial experiment
cd.lsLatin Square Design
cd.rcbRandomized Complete Block Design
cd.splSplit-Plot Design
cd.strStrip-Split-Plot Design
cdtCompute derived traits
cd.urUnreplicated design
cd.wUnreplicated design with a grid of checks
check.2fCheck data for a 2-factor factorial
check.abdCheck data for an ABD
check.dataCheck consistency for sweetpotato experimental data
check.freqCheck frequencies
check.namesCheck fieldbook traits names
check.posCheck row and column positions
check.rcCheck rows and columns
check.rcbdCheck data for a RCBD
check.wdCheck data for a Wescott design
docompDo computations over some factors
dtrData transformations
ecmEstimate Genotypic and Phenotypic Covariance and Correlation...
elstonElston Index
ggtaiTai ggplot
megaclonesSome traits for a multi-environment trial (MET)
megaclones2Some traits for a multi-environment trial (MET)
met8x12Yields for a multi-environment trial (MET)
msdplotPlot means and standard deviations with a dotplot
mve.2fEstimation of missing values for a 2-factor factorial
mve.metEstimation of missing values for a MET in a RCBD
mve.rcbdEstimation of missing values for a RCBD
pesekbakerPesek-Baker Index
pjpz09Data for a yield trial
plot.ammiAMMI or GGE biplots
plot.taiTai plot
rsaRegression Stability Analysis
rts1Response to selection for a single experiment
rts2Response to selection with several locations
rts3Response to selection with several locations and years
rts4Response to selection with several locations in two steps...
setnaSet values to NA or zero.
spgSome traits for a multi-environment trial (MET)
sumaCompute sum of two traits
taiTai's stability analysis
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