Man pages for rgray1/bbcodelibrary
QCP code library at Bitbucket Cloud R interface

apicheckupdatesCheck if a file has been updates since it was copied
apicommitfileCommit a file to a forked repository
apideleteforkPermanently delete a fork Use for cleaning up forks made...
apigethashGet most recent commit hash through the api
apigetscriptcontentGet the content of a single scripts
apigetscriptnamesGet a list of scripts from the BB code library through the...
apimakeforkMake a new fork of the code library
apimakepullrequestMake a pull request through the API
bbcodelibraryR interface to the QCP code library at Bitbucket
check_for_updatesCheck for updates on a file
code_libraryShow Code Library
copy_scriptCopy script from the BB code library to project directory
get_mrc_hashGet most recent commit hash
info_scriptsList information about scripts
ls_scriptsList scripts in BB code library
preview_scriptPreview file from the BB code library
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
set_bbcodelibrary_optsSet bbcodelibrary options
submit_scriptSubmit a file via pull request
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