Man pages for rgriff23/btw
Run BayesTraitsV3 from R

bayestraitsRun BayesTraitsV3 from R
bftestBayesFactor test for BayesTraitsV3 models.
killbtKill all BayesTraits processes on computer.
lrtestLikelihood ratio test for BayesTraitsV3 models.
parse_ancstatesparse BayesTraits ancstates files
parse_logparse BayesTraits log files
parse_scheduleparse BayesTraits schedule files
parse_stonesparse BayesTraits stones files
primate.continuous1Random continuous trait data for primates
primate.continuous2Random pair of continuous traits for primates
primate.continuous3Random set of three continuous traits for primates
primate.discrete1Random discrete trait data for primates
primate.discrete2Random pair of discrete traits for primates
primate.tree1Single primate phylogeny.
primate.tree100Block of 100 primate phylogenies.
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