Man pages for rhobis/jipApprox
Approximate Inclusion Probabilities for Survey Sampling

brewerBrewer sampling procedure ————
excludeSSUExclude self-selecting units
HTvarVariance of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator
is.wholenumberCheck if a number is integer
jip_approxApproximate Joint-Inclusion Probabilities
jipApproxjipApprox: Approximate inclusion probabilities for survey...
jip_BrewerBrewer's joint-inclusion probability approximations
jipDFtoMTransform a Joint-Inclusion Probability data.frame to a...
jip_HajekHájek's joint-inclusion probability approximation
jip_HartleyRaoHartley-Rao approximation of joint-inclusion probabilities
jip_MonteCarloApproximate inclusion probabilities by Monte Carlo simulation
jipMtoDFTransform a matrix of Joint-Inclusion Probabilities to a...
jip_TilleTillé's approximation of joint-inclusion probabilities
maxEntropyConditional Poisson Sampling (maximum entropy sampling)
pre_CPSConditional Poisson Sampling - compute selection...
pre_tilleTillé's elimination procedure - elimination probabilities
sampfordRao-Sampford sampling
save_outputSave partial results
tilleTillé's elimination procedure
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