Man pages for rian39/scilitlearn
Common Techniques for Analysis of Web of Science Data

abstract_topicsTopic models for abstracts
abstract_topics_plotPlot topic models for abstracts
authors_topDisplay top n first authors
cited_reference_countCount cited references Returns the n top cited references
cited_references_gatherList cited references in narrow form The key for this data...
cited_references_timePlot top cited references over time
construct_stopword_listAdd tot he stopword list
convert_file_to_bibConvert all WoS isi csv in directory to bibtex a file
convert_refs_to_bibConvert all WoS records to biblatex and save as file
disciplinesdiscplines from WoS WC field separated
field_tfidfCount term frequency/inverse document frequencies
keyword_countCount of top keywords
keyword_count_topTop keyword counts
keyword_count_top_plotPlot top keyword counts
keywordskeywords from WoS DE field separated
latex_formatReturn any set of WoS references as latex reference
load_dataLoad tsv file from Web of Science
load_directoryLoad directory of WoS records
load_zipLoad zipfile of WoS records
peaked_terms_monthlyPlot terms from TI, DE or some other field that have peakdd...
search_termSearch title, abstract and keywords for terms
term_graphGraph term pairs
terms_over_timePlot occurrence of terms from TI, DE or some other field over...
tfidfTerm Frequency-Inverse document frequency of all words
tfidf_plotPlot Term Frequency-Inverse document frequency of all words
title_bigramsCount of title bigrams
title_bigrams_countTitle bigrams sorted by frequency
title_bigrams_filteredTitle bigrams separated and filtered for stopwords
title_bigrams_separatedTitle bigrams separated into two columns
title_word_countRetrieve count of title words
words_allFrequencies of all words in abstracts
words_all_ranked_frequenciesRanked frequencies of all words in abstracts
year_countNumber of publications by year
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