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Points and Polygons Layers of European Statistical Units (NUTS3)


n3_pt (POINTS) and n3_poly (MULTIPOLYGONS) are sf objects of 1506 NUTS3 statistical units of continental Europe.

Population dataset (2019 an 2018 total population) downloaded on the Eurostat website (05/10/2020) from the "demo_r_pjanaggr3" dataset (last update: 16/06/2020).

Geometries are downloaded from the GISCO website (NUTS3 - 2016 - 1:60 Million)

When data from this packgage is used in any printed or electronic publication, in addition to any other provisions applicable to the whole Eurostat website, data source will have to be acknowledged in the legend of the map and in the introductory page of the publication with the following copyright notice: "© EuroGeographics for the administrative boundaries and © Eurostat for data".




An object of class sf (inherits from data.frame) with 1506 rows and 4 columns.

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