Man pages for rich-d-wilkinson/precision
Statistical methods for detecting non-binomial sex allocation when developmental mortality operates

CalcBFCalculates Bayes factors and posterior probabilities from the...
CalculateEvidenceCalculates the model evidence from MCMC output
CflorusPrimaryPrimary data on Colpoclypeus florus
CflorusSecondarySecondary data on Colpoclypeus florus
GlegneriPrimaryPrimary data on Goniouzus legneri
GlegneriSecondarySecondary data on Goniouzus legneri
GthailandensisSecondarySecondary data on Goniouzus thailandensis
MCMCWithinGibbsWrapper for the MCMC
Meelis.testMeelis and James tests and R statistic
MluteolusPrimaryPrimary data on Metaphycus luteolus
MluteolusSecondarySecondary data on Metaphycus luteolusi
rdoublebinomThe Double Binomial Distribution
rmultbinomThe Multiplicative Binomial Distribution
wasps-packageStatistical tools for detecting over- or under-dispersion
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