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Graph/Network Visualization

add_balanced_treeAdd a balanced tree to the graph
add_cycleAdd a cycle of nodes to the graph
add_edgeAdd an edge between nodes in a graph object
add_edge_cloneAdd a clone of an existing edge to the graph
add_edge_dfAdd edges from an edge data frame to an existing graph object
add_edges_from_tableAdd edges and attributes to graph from a table
add_edges_w_stringAdd one or more edges using a text string
add_forward_edges_wsAdd new edges with identical definitions as with a selection...
add_full_graphAdd a fully connected graph
add_global_graph_attrsAdd one or more global graph attributes
add_gnm_graphAdd a G(n, m) Erdos-Renyi graph
add_gnp_graphAdd a G(n, p) Erdos-Renyi graph
add_graph_actionAdd a graph action for execution at every transform
add_graph_to_graph_seriesAdd graph object to a graph series object
add_grid_2dAdd a 2D grid of nodes to the graph
add_grid_3dAdd a 3D grid of nodes to the graph
add_growing_graphCreate a random growing graph with m edges added per step
add_islands_graphCreate a random islands graph with edges between the islands
add_mathjaxAdd MathJax-formatted equation text
add_n_node_clonesAdd one or several clones of an existing node to the graph
add_n_nodesAdd one or several unconnected nodes to the graph
add_n_nodes_wsAdd a multiple of new nodes with edges to or from one or more...
add_nodeAdd a node to an existing graph object
add_node_clones_wsAdd clones of a selection of nodes
add_node_dfAdd nodes from a node data frame to an existing graph object
add_nodes_from_df_colsAdd nodes from distinct values in data frame columns
add_nodes_from_tableAdd nodes and attributes to graph from a table
add_pa_graphAdd a preferential attachment graph
add_pathAdd a path of nodes to the graph
add_prismAdd a prism of nodes to the graph
add_reverse_edges_wsAdd new edges in the opposite directions of a selection of...
add_smallworld_graphAdd a Watts-Strogatz small-world graph
add_starAdd a star of nodes to the graph
clear_selectionClear an active selection of nodes or edges
colorize_edge_attrsApply colors based on edge attribute values
colorize_node_attrsApply colors based on node attribute values
combine_edfsCombine multiple edge data frames into a single edge data...
combine_graphsCombine two graphs into a single graph
combine_ndfsCombine multiple node data frames
copy_edge_attrsCopy an edge attribute column and set the name
copy_node_attrsCopy a node attribute column and set the name
count_asymmetric_node_pairsGet the number of asymmetrically-connected node pairs
count_automorphismsGet the number of automorphisms
count_edgesGet a count of all edges
count_graphs_in_graph_seriesCount graphs in a graph series object
count_loop_edgesGet count of all loop edges
count_mutual_node_pairsGet the number of mutually-connected node pairs
count_nodesGet a count of all nodes
count_s_connected_cmptsGet the number of strongly-connected components
count_unconnected_node_pairsGet the number of unconnected node pairs
count_unconnected_nodesGet count of all unconnected nodes
count_w_connected_cmptsGet the number of weakly-connected components
create_graphCreate a graph object
create_graph_seriesCreate a graph series object
create_node_dfCreate a node data frame
currenciesISO-4217 currency data.
delete_cacheDelete vectors cached in a graph object
delete_edgeDelete an edge from an existing graph object
delete_edges_wsDelete all selected edges in an edge selection
delete_global_graph_attrsDelete one of the global graph attributes stored within a...
delete_graph_actionsDelete one or more graph actions stored within a graph object
delete_loop_edges_wsDelete all loop edges associated with a selection of nodes
delete_nodeDelete a node from an existing graph object
delete_nodes_wsDelete all selected nodes in a node selection
deselect_edgesDeselect any selected edges in a graph
deselect_nodesDeselect any selected nodes in a graph
DiagrammeRR + mermaid.js
DiagrammeROutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
display_metagraphDisplay a property graph's underlying model
do_bfsUse the breadth-first search (bfs) algorithm
do_dfsUse the depth-first search (dfs) algorithm
drop_edge_attrsDrop an edge attribute column
drop_node_attrsDrop a node attribute column
edge_aesInsert edge aesthetic attributes during edge creation
edge_dataInsert edge data attributes during edge creation
edge_list_1Edge list - Version 1.
edge_list_2Edge list - Version 2.
export_csvExport a graph to CSV files
export_graphExport a graph to various file formats
filter_graph_seriesSubset a graph series object
from_adj_matrixCreate a graph using an adjacency matrix
from_igraphConvert an igraph graph to a DiagrammeR one
fully_connect_nodes_wsFully connect all nodes in a selection of nodes
fully_disconnect_nodes_wsFully disconnect all nodes in a selection of nodes
generate_dotGenerate DOT code using a graph object
get_adhesionGet graph adhesion
get_agg_degree_inGet an aggregate value from the indegree of nodes
get_agg_degree_outGet an aggregate value from the outdegree of nodes
get_agg_degree_totalGet an aggregate value from the total degree of nodes
get_all_connected_nodesGet all nodes connected to a specified node
get_alpha_centralityGet the alpha centrality for all nodes
get_articulation_pointsGet articulation points
get_attr_dfsGet data frames bound to node attributes
get_authority_centralityGet the authority scores for all nodes
get_betweennessGet betweenness centrality scores
get_bridgingGet bridging scores
get_cacheGet a cached vector from a graph object
get_closenessGet closeness centrality values
get_closeness_vitalityGet closeness vitality
get_cmty_edge_btwnsGet community membership by edge betweenness
get_cmty_fast_greedyGet community membership by modularity optimization
get_cmty_l_eigenvecGet community membership by leading eigenvector
get_cmty_louvainGet community membership by Louvain optimization
get_cmty_walktrapGet community membership using the Walktrap method
get_common_nbrsGet all common neighbors between two or more nodes
get_constraintGet constraint scores for one or more graph nodes
get_corenessGet coreness values for graph nodes
get_degree_distributionGet total degree distribution data for a graph
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