Man pages for richardjtelford/palaeoSig
Significance Tests for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions

abundancesGenerates abundances
agelmeEstimation of the relationship between Calibrated age and...
arctic.pollenArctic Pollen and associated environmental data
AtlanticAtlantic core-top foram assemblages
cor.mat.funGenerates correlation matrix
Hill.N2.coreCalculate the effective number of species in the fossil data
jointsigTest if two variables jointly control changes in fossil data
make.envGenerates environmental variables
make.setFunction to simulate species data
multi.matMAT for multiple variables
obs.corWeighted correlation between weighted averaging optima and...
palaeoSig-packageSignificance Tests of Quantitative Palaeoenvironmental...
plot.fittedAgelmePlots fitted agelme model and dates
predict.agelmePredicts the Calibrated age
randomTFProportion of variance in the fossil data explained by an...
rneRandom, neighbour, environment deletion analysis for transfer...
speciesGenerates species response parameters for n dimensions
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