Man pages for richardsc/crMisc
Miscellaneous scripts for Clark Richards

axis10expFormat axis labels using pretty '10^exp' notation
closeFigureClose a device opened with 'makeFigure'
cr-packageMiscellaneous R scripts packaged for Clark Richards.
findNearestFind the index for a value (or values) in a vector nearest...
gradientCalculate the x and y gradients for a 2D matrix
llsA more descriptive version of 'ls'.
logLinesAdd lines to a 'logPlot'
logPlotMake a nice log-log plot (base 10)
logPointsAdd points to a 'logPlot'
makeFigureOpen a device to plot a figure
movingAverageCalculates a moving average of a vector using 'filter'
objectSizeR Object size, function needed for 'lls'.
plotCircleAdd one or more circles to a plot
symLimSymmetric plot limits for plus/minus variables
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