Man pages for richfitz/TRAMPR
'TRFLP' Analysis and Matching Package for R

absolute.minAbsolute Minimum
add.knownAdd Knowns To TRAMPknowns Databases
build.knownsAutomatically Build Knowns Database
classifyValue Matching for Data Frames
combineCombine Two Objects
combine.TRAMPsamplesCombine TRAMPsamples Objects
create.diffsmatrixCalculate Matrix of Distances between Peaks
demo.knownsDemonstration Knowns Database
demo.samplesDemonstration Samples Database
group.knownsKnowns Clustering
load.abiLoad ABI Output Files
plot.TRAMPPlot a TRAMP Object
plot.TRAMPknownsSummary Plot of Knowns Data
plot.TRAMPsamplesPlot a TRAMPsamples Object
read.abiRead ABI Output Files
read.writeRead/Write TRAMPknowns and TRAMPsamples Objects
rebuild.TRAMPRebuild a TRAMP Object
remove.TRAMP.matchMark a TRAMP Match as Ignored
summary.TRAMPCreate Presence/Absence Matrices from TRAMP Objects
TRAMPTRFLP Analysis and Matching Program
TRAMPindexingIndex (Subset) TRAMPsamples and TRAMPknowns Objects
TRAMPknownsTRAMPknowns Objects
TRAMPR-packageThe TRAMPR Package (TRFLP Analysis and Matching Package for...
TRAMPsamplesTRAMPsamples Objects
update.TRAMPInteractively Alter a TRAMP Object
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