docker_types: Constructors for complex types

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Methods for building complex docker types. This is most objects more complicated than R's atomic types. Most functions will indicate if they require one of these objects in their help. None of these functions do anything interesting in their own regard - they just validate inputs.


The functions here will all depend on the API versions - some of the most fluid parts of the docker API are the different options that are supported via things like host_config.

These functions are needed because stevedore aims to be a fairly direct wrapping around the docker API. For most of the single host methods the types here are not really used (with the notable exception of host_config which is used by $container$create and $container$update). But for the swarm endpoints the function definitions would be impossibly complex if we did not reflect the types. So rather than one function call with a hundred arguments, we can build up the required types.

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