Man pages for richierocks/pathological
Path Manipulation Utilities

choose_filesChoose files interactively
copy_dirCopy the contents of a directory
create_dirsCreate or remove files and directories
cygwinify_pathMake a path suitable for cygwin
decompose_pathSplit a path into its components
get_librariesGet the libraries on your machine
get_windows_driveOn Windows, return the drive of the path
is_windows_driveIs the path a Windows drive?
os_pathThe OS path
parent_dirGet the parent dir
pathologicalpathological: utilities for paths, files and directories.
r_homeThe R home directory
r_profileGet the location of the R profile/environ
rstudio_project_dirGet the RStudio project directory
split_pathSplit a path into directory components
standardize_pathStandardize paths
system_fileFind a file in a package
sys_whichFind paths to executables
temp_dirReturn paths to files or dirs within the temp dir
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