Man pages for rikenbit/DelayedTensor
R package for sparse and out-of-core arithmetic and decomposition of Tensor

cbind_listMode-binding against list
cpCanonical Polyadic Decomposition
cs_foldColumn Space Folding of 2D DelayedArray
cs_unfoldTensor Column Space Unfolding of DelayedArray
DelayedDiagonalArrayDiagonal DelayedArray
DelayedTensor-packageR package for sparse and out-of-core arithmetic and...
diagDelayedArray Diagonals
einsumEinstein Summation of DelayedArray
fnormTensor Frobenius Norm of DelayedArray
foldTensor folding of 2D DelayedArray
getSparseGetter of the intermediate/output DelayedArray object in...
getVerboseGetter function to control the verbose messages from...
hadamardHadamard Product of DelayedArray
hadamard_listHadamard Product against list
hosvd(Truncated-)Higher-order SVD
human_mid_brainMatrix object of human mid brain data
innerProdTensors Inner Product of DelayedArray
k_foldk-mode Folding of 2D DelayedArray
khatri_raoKhatri-Rao Product of DelayedArray
khatri_rao_listKhatri-Rao Product against list
kroneckerKronecker Product of DelayedArray
kronecker_listKronecker Product against list
k_unfoldTensor k-mode Unfolding of DelayedArray
list_repReplicate of arbitrary object
matvecTensor Matvec Unfolding of DelayedArray
modebind_listMode-binding against list
modeMeanTensor Mean Across Single Mode of DelayedArray
modeSumTensor Sum Across Single Mode of DelayedArray
mouse_mid_brainMatrix object of mouse mid brain data
mpcaMultilinear Principal Components Analysis
outerProdTensors Outer Product of DelayedArray
pvdPopulation Value Decomposition
rbind_listMode-binding against list
rs_foldRow Space Folding of 2D DelayedArray
rs_unfoldTensor Row Space Unfolding of DelayedArray
setSparseSetter to set the intermediate DelayedArray object in...
setVerboseSetter to set the verbose mode of DelayedTensor
ttlDelayedArray Times List
ttmTensor Times Matrix (m-Mode Product)
tuckerTucker Decomposition
unfoldTensor Unfolding of 2D DelayedArray
unmatvecUnmatvec Folding of 2D DelayedArray
vecTensor Vectorization of DelayedArray
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