Man pages for rishisolanki/ctgov_r_pkg
Get all raw data from ClinicalTrial.GOV as of March 2016

condition_tableCondition Data
facilities_tableLocation Data
get_k_valueGet K piecewise function based on kterm and location
get_matching_kterm_nct_idGet matching nct_id for a given disease or primary condition
plot_k_valuesPlot k values as a step function w.r.t time
processed_clinical_study_tableProcessed Clinical Trial Data
raw_clinical_study_tableRaw Clinical Trial Data
read_condition_dataRead Clinical Trial Condition Info
read_location_dataRead Clinical Trial Location Info
read_processed_clinical_dataRead Processed Clinical Trial Info
read_raw_clinical_dataRead Raw Clinical Trial Info
read_sponsor_dataRead Clinical Trial Sponsor Info
search_clinical_trialGet clinical trial data by matching specific NCT_ID for the...
search_locationsGet clinical trial location data by matching specific NCT_ID...
sponsor_tableSponsor Data
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