Man pages for rje42/MixedGraphs
Mixed graphs and graphical models

addEdgesAdd or remove edges
adjFind adjacent vertices
adjMatrixGet adjacency matrix from list of edges
anSetsFind ancestral sets of a graph.
barrenFind barren, sterile, orphaned vertices
collapseCollapse multiple edge types to a single list or matrix
convertConvert graph to format associated with specific package
determinePackageDetermine which graph package evaluation will occur in.
edgeListEdge list
edgeMatrixGet edges from adjacency matrix or list
edgeTypesSee list of edge types
grapes-G-grapesAutomatically convert and apply graph function
graphCrCreate graph from character parsing
graph_equalTest graphs are equal
grpGroup vertices by adjacencies
is.adjMatrixCheck if object could be an adjacency matrix
is.cyclicTest cyclicity of graph
is.DAGTest type of graph
is.edgeMatrixCheck if object could be an edgeMatrix
makeGraphCompleteGraph Constructor Functions
mixedgraphConstruct a mixed graph
m_sepTest m-separation
mutilateDelete edges
nedgeGive number of edges
paFamilial Mixed Graph Relations
remove_duplicate_edgesRemove duplicate edges
skeletonGraph skeleton
standardizeEdgesWrite graphs in standard format
subGraphTake induced vertex subgraph of mixedgraph
topologicalOrderFind topological ordering of vertices
withAdjMatrixAdjacency matrix representation
withEdgeListAdjacency matrix representation
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