Man pages for rje42/contingency
Discrete multivariate probability distributions

aperm.tablesPermute dimensions of tables
as.array.tablesConvert tables into array
as.matrix.tablesConvert tables into matrix
capplyApply function over tables
checkCICheck conditional independence
entropyCalculate entropy of discrete distribution
interactionInfInteraction information
klKullback-Leibler Divergence
margin.tablesGet the marginal distributions
mutualInf(Conditional) mutual information
ntablesNumber of tables
print.tablesPrint tables
rDAGmodelGenerate probability distributions according to a graphical...
rprobMatGenerate matrix of (conditional) probability distributions
sub-.tablesSubset object of class tables
tdimDimension of distributions over contingency tables
tdimnamesDimension names for distributions over contingency tables
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