Man pages for rjournal/rj
Tools for managing the R journal

actionUpdate the status of an article.
active_articlesList articles.
addressAn S3 class to represent email addresses.
articleCreate a new article (S3 class)
as.articleConvert input into an article.
email_templateSend an email template.
get_submissionsDownload submissions from wufoo.
invite_reviewersInvite reviewer(s).
new_idGenerate a new id value.
online_metadataGenerate metadata needed for website.
parse_address_listParse a string into a rfc822 address list.
publishPublish an article to online first.
reportGenerate a status report.
rjA package to make it easier to work with the R-journal dcf...
statusCreate a S3 status object
valid_statusA list of all valid statuses.
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