Man pages for rmendels/rerddapXtracto
Extracts Environmental Data from ERD's ERDDAP Web Service

checkBoundsCheck Coordinate Dimensions
colorscmocean colors The cmocean color palette by Kristen Thyng as...
getfileCoordsGet Coordinate (Dimension) Data from ERDDAP Dataset
make180Convert Longitudes to (-180,180)
make360Convert Longitudes to (0,360)
Marlintag38606Marlin Tag Data
mbnmsMBNMS Boundaries
plotBBoxplot result of xtracto_3D or rxtracto_3D
plotTrackplot result of xtracto or rxtracto
rerddapXtractorerddapXtracto: Routines to simplify data extraction using...
rxtractoExtract environmental data along a trajectory from an ERDDAP...
rxtracto_3DExtract environmental data in a 3-dimnesional box from an...
rxtractogonExtract environmental data in a polygon using ERDDAP.
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