Man pages for rmflight/fmdatabreastcaparp1
Fondufe-Mittendorfe lab data for PARP1 correlation in MCF-7 and MDA-MB231

ctcf_rep1CTCF rep1
ctcf_rep2CTCF rep2
expr_dataExpression Data
fmdatamcf7parp1-packageFondufe-Mittendorfe lab data for PARP1 binding in MCF-7
get_chrget chromosome
histone_marksHistone Marks
methyl_rep1Methylation rep1
methyl_rep2Methylation rep2
nuc_signalMNase Nucleosome Data
parp1_ln4_reads_allAll the PARP1 reads from LN4
parp1_ln4_uniqueThe unique location PARP1 reads from LN4
parp1_ln5_reads_allAll the PARP1 reads from LN5
parp1_ln5_uniqueThe unique location PARP1 reads from LN5
tss_windowsTranscript start sites
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