#' @name areaDataFile
#' @title areaDataFile
#' @docType data
#' @source Downloaded from the Canadian Open Data \href{http://www.data.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=5175A6F0-1&xsl=datacataloguerecord&metaxsl=datacataloguerecord&formid=C87D5FDD-00E6-41A0-B5BA-E8E41B521ED0}{database}
#' @details Contains the latitudes (lat), longitudes (long), x (lamx) and y (lamy) point locations in the Lambert projection, the area id (uid), the number of dwellings (dwell), the total population (pop, based on the sum of the containing blocks), and the province of origin (prov). See the vignette for the processing performed to generate the file.
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