Man pages for robbriers/biotic
Calculation of Freshwater Biotic Indices

almondRiver Almond invertebrate dataset
biotic-packagebiotic: A package for calculating a range of UK freshwater...
braidburnBraid Burn invertebrate dataset
calcAWICCalculate AWIC index
calcBMWPCalculate BMWP indices for invertebrate samples
calcindexCalculate biotic indices for invertebrate samples
calcLIFECalculate LIFE index
calcPoolCalculate Whalley 'Pool' habitat-specific BMWP indices for...
calcPSICalculate PSI index
calcRiffleCalculate Whalley 'Riffle' habitat-specific BMWP indices for...
calcRiffPoolCalculate Whalley 'Riffle/Pool' habitat-specific BMWP indices
calcWhalleyCalculate Whalley revised BMWP indices for invertebrate...
calcWHPTCalculate presence-only WHPT indices
calcWHPT_ABCalculate abundance-weighted WHPT indices
checktaxaCheck taxa against scoring list
greenburnGreen Burn invertebrate dataset
transposedataTranspose data layout
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