The IndGOterm package is a tool for screening dysregulation terms from personalized patients. Formally, the intact flow of this package as follows: Screening of stable gene pairs use function spairs Screening of reverse gene pairs use function revpairs Screening of candidate disease-related-terms use function get.globdysterm Screening of nonredundant disease-related-terms use function remove.redundance * Individual application use function IndGOterm

Besides, annother function getterm.gene is used to preprocess the document of GO database. If users intend to screen all the dysregulation terms within one patient, they can choose to skip step2-4 and directly proceed with function spairs and IndGOterm.


You can install it from Github using the devtools pakage


Or you can download the .ZIP file and unzip it.

install.packages("IndGOterm",repos = NULL,type="source")

Contact email

Please don't hesitate to address comments/questions/suggestions regarding this R package to: Jiashuai Zhang

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