Man pages for robertbagchi/ReplicatedPointPatterns
Analysis of replicated point patterns with covariates tests of individual terms in the model.
bootstrap.t.CI.lmeBootstrapping for CIs and hypothesis test on kfunclme objects
constructHyperframeCalculates the K functions and weights for a hyperframe
getparsExtract parameters from Kfunc lme models
kfunc.weights.calcCalculate kfunction weights
lmeHyperframeFits a set of mixed effects models to a hyperframe object
lmHyperframelinear model of Kfunctions
lm.t.bootcalculate t-distribution based confidence intervals for an...
resid.homogenise.lmHomogenise residuals from an lm model to make them...
residual.randomise.lmeRandomise and homogenise residuals from an lme model and add...
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