Man pages for robertness/gmsim
Simulations of Graphical Models.

adjMat2MoralConvert Adjacency matrix to Moral (Undirected Conditional...
checkMatrixCheck matrix is symetric and positive semidefinate.
checkRangeCheck ranges for eigen values are appropriate.
convert2BinaryMatConvert to Binary Matrix
getPrecisionBasisGet the precision matrix structure for a Gaussian joint...
gmsim-packageSimulations of Graphical Models.
melancon_bootBootstrap Learning Performed on a Gaussian Bayesian Network.
ordered_bootBootstrap Learning Performed on a Gaussian Bayesian Network.
randomNetRandom Graph Simulation
simBNFromCovAndDAGSimulate a Bayesian network from a DAG and covariance matrix
simBNFromCovMatSimulate a Bayesian network from a covariance matrix
simDAGFromCovMatSimulate a Gaussian Bayesian network structure based on a...
simGaussianNetSimulate a fully specified Gaussian Bayesian network
simMVNDataSimulation of Multivariate Normal dataset
simNetCovarianceSimulate a covariance matrix based on a Bayesian network...
simSparsePrecisionSimulate a Sparce Precision Matrix
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