Man pages for robertness/lucy
Really useful things done with graphs.

checkAttributesCheck if updated attribute is present
checkIndexEnforce integer indexing
checkVertexType checking for igraph vertex arguments.
detect_cycleFind a cycle Returns the first cycle detected in the graph....
edge_updaterEdge propagation instance Executes a callback on the edge...
first_vSelect vertices from a sequence
fit_barabasi_powerUse input graph to estimate power of preferential attachment...
get_connecting_nodesFind All Vertices or Edges on Paths Connecting Two Vertices
get_downstream_nodesFind all Vertices Upstream or Downstream of a Given Vertex in...
get_edge_vertexPull the Vertex from a Given Edge in Graph Returns the index...
get_rootsFind all the leaves and root vertices in a directed graph. A...
igraphvizigraph plotting with Graphviz library
in_degreeIn/Out-degree of a set of vertices in a directed graph
iparentsParents/Children/Markov Blanket of a Vertex
isBDownstreamOfATest if a Vertex is Downstream or Upstream of Another
layer_DAGsGenerate graph comprised of sequentially layered randomly...
mlp_graphGenerate a Multilayer Perceptron Graph
name_verticesQuick Naming of the Vertices/Edges in a Graph
plot_pathPlot path from an upstream vertex to a downstream vertex.
power_law_simSimulate a scale-free network given an input network.
reverse_edgeReverse an edge in a directed graph
reverse_edgesReverse the edges of a directed graph
rw_restartsRandom Walk with Restarts
setIteratorCreate an igraph Iterator Substitution Function
sim_DAGGenerate Multi-connected DAG
update_verticesVertex/Edge Propagation in igraph Foundation for any graph...
vertex_updaterEdge propagation instance Executes a callback on the edge...
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