Man pages for robertzk/cachemeifyoucan
Cache Me If You Can

add_indexCreate index on a table
cacheApply a database caching layer to an arbitrary R function.
cachemeifyoucanOne of the most frustrating parts about being a data...
column_names_mapFetch the map of column names.
create_tableCreate the table <=> shards map.
db2dfConvert the raw fetched database table to a readable data...
dbWriteTableUntilSuccessTry and check dbWriteTable until success
error_fnStop on given errors and print corresponding error message.
generate_new_shard_namesGenerate names for new shards
get_hashed_namesMD5 digest of column names.
get_new_keysetdiff current ids with those in the table of the database.
get_shards_for_tableFetch all the shards for the given table name.
remove_old_keyremove old keys to maintain uniqueness of "id" for the sake...
table_nameDatabase table name for a given prefix and salt.
translate_column_namesTranslate column names using the column_names table from MD5...
uncachedFetch the uncached function
update_cache_saltUpdate the cache when the salt is changed for an existing...
write_data_safelyWrite data.frames to DB addressing pitfalls
write_table_shard_mapRegister shards in table_shard_map
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