Man pages for robertzk/monadicbase
The R Base Package

abbreviateAbbreviate Strings
agrepApproximate String Matching (Fuzzy Matching)
allAre All Values True?
all.equalTest if Two Objects are (Nearly) Equal
allnamesFind All Names in an Expression
anyAre Some Values True?
apermArray Transposition
appendVector Merging
applyApply Functions Over Array Margins
argsArgument List of a Function
ArithmeticArithmetic Operators
arrayMulti-way Arrays to a Data Frame
as.DateDate Conversion Functions to and from Character
as.environmentCoerce to an Environment Object
as.functionConvert Object to Function
AsIsInhibit Interpretation/Conversion of Objects
as.POSIXltDate-time Conversion Functions
assignAssign a Value to a Name
assignOpsAssignment Operators
attachAttach Set of R Objects to Search Path
attrObject Attributes
attributesObject Attribute Lists
autoloadOn-demand Loading of Packages
backsolveSolve an Upper or Lower Triangular System
base-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'base'
base-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package 'base'
base-internalInternal Objects in Package 'base'
basenameManipulate File Paths
base-packageThe R Base Package
BesselBessel Functions
bincodeBin a Numeric Vector
bindenvBinding and Environment Locking, Active Bindings
bitwiseBitwise Logical Operations
bodyAccess to and Manipulation of the Body of a Function
bquotePartial substitution in expressions
browserEnvironment Browser
browserTextFunctions to Retrieve Values Supplied by Calls to the Browser
builtinsReturns the Names of All Built-in Objects
byApply a Function to a Data Frame Split by Factors
cCombine Values into a Vector or List
callFunction Calls
callCCCall With Current Continuation
CallExternalModern Interfaces to C/C++ code
capabilitiesReport Capabilities of this Build of R
catConcatenate and Print
cbindCombine R Objects by Rows or Columns
characterCharacter Vectors
char.expandExpand a String with Respect to a Target Table
charmatchPartial String Matching
chartrCharacter Translation and Casefolding
chkDotsWarn About Extraneous Arguments in the "..." of Its Caller
cholThe Choleski Decomposition
chol2invInverse from Choleski (or QR) Decomposition
classObject Classes
colColumn Indexes
colnamesRow and Column Names
ColonColon Operator
colSumsForm Row and Column Sums and Means
commandArgsExtract Command Line Arguments
commentQuery or Set a '"comment"' Attribute
ComparisonRelational Operators
complexComplex Numbers and Basic Functionality
conditionsCondition Handling and Recovery
conflictsSearch for Masked Objects on the Search Path
connectionsFunctions to Manipulate Connections (Files, URLs, ...)
ConstantsBuilt-in Constants
contributorsR Project Contributors
ControlControl Flow
copyrightCopyrights of Files Used to Build R
crossprodMatrix Crossproduct
Cstack_infoReport Information on C Stack Size and Usage
cumsumCumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
curlGetHeadersRetrieve Headers from URLs
cutConvert Numeric to Factor
cut.POSIXtConvert a Date or Date-Time Object to a Factor
data.classObject Classes
data.frameData Frames
dataframeHelpersData Frame Auxiliary Functions
data.matrixConvert a Data Frame to a Numeric Matrix
dateSystem Date and Time
DatesDate Class
DateTimeClassesDate-Time Classes
dcfRead and Write Data in DCF Format
debugDebug a Function
DefunctMarking Objects as Defunct
delayedAssignDelay Evaluation
deparseExpression Deparsing
deparseOptsOptions for Expression Deparsing
DeprecatedMarking Objects as Deprecated
detCalculate the Determinant of a Matrix
detachDetach Objects from the Search Path
devLists of Open/Active Graphics Devices
diagMatrix Diagonals
diffLagged Differences
difftimeTime Intervals
dimDimensions of an Object
dimnamesDimnames of an Object
do.callExecute a Function Call
dontCheckIdentity Function to Suppress Checking
doubleDouble-Precision Vectors
dputWrite an Object to a File or Recreate it
dropDrop Redundant Extent Information
dumpText Representations of R Objects
duplicatedDetermine Duplicate Elements
dynloadForeign Function Interface
eapplyApply a Function Over Values in an Environment
eigenSpectral Decomposition of a Matrix
encodeStringEncode Character Vector as for Printing
EncodingRead or Set the Declared Encodings for a Character Vector
environmentEnvironment Access
EnvVarEnvironment Variables
evalEvaluate an (Unevaluated) Expression
existsIs an Object Defined?
expand.gridCreate a Data Frame from All Combinations of Factors
expressionUnevaluated Expressions
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of an Object or Replace Parts of a Data Frame
Extract.factorExtract or Replace Parts of a Factor
ExtremesMaxima and Minima
extSoftVersionReport Versions of Third-Party Software
file.accessAscertain File Accessibility
file.chooseChoose a File Interactively
file.infoExtract File Information
file.pathConstruct Path to File
filesFile Manipulation
files2Manipulaton of Directories and File Permissions
file.showDisplay One or More Files
findIntervalFind Interval Numbers or Indices
find.packageFind Packages
forceForce Evaluation of an Argument
forceAndCallCall a function with Some Arguments Forced
ForeignForeign Function Interface
Foreign-internalInternal Versions of the Foreign Function Interface
formalsAccess to and Manipulation of the Formal Arguments
formatEncode in a Common Format
formatcFormatting Using C-style Formats
formatDLFormat Description Lists
format.infoformat(.) Information
format.pvalFormat P Values
functionFunction Definition
funprogCommon Higher-Order Functions in Functional Programming...
gcGarbage Collection
gc.timeReport Time Spent in Garbage Collection
gctortureTorture Garbage Collector
getReturn the Value of a Named Object
getCallingDLLCompute DLL for Native Interface Call
getDLLRegisteredRoutinesReflectance Information for C/Fortran routines in a DLL
getLoadedDLLsGet DLLs Loaded in Current Session
getNativeSymbolInfoObtain a Description of one or more Native (C/Fortran)...
gettextTranslate Text Messages
getwdGet or Set Working Directory
glGenerate Factor Levels
grepPattern Matching and Replacement
grepRawPattern Matching for Raw Vectors
groupGenericS3 Group Generic Functions
gzcon(De)compress I/O Through Connections
hexmodeDisplay Numbers in Hexadecimal
HyperbolicHyperbolic Functions
iconvConvert Character Vector between Encodings
icuSetCollateSetup Collation by ICU
identicalTest Objects for Exact Equality
identityIdentity Function
ifelseConditional Element Selection
integerInteger Vectors
interactionCompute Factor Interactions
interactiveIs R Running Interactively?
InternalCall an Internal Function
InternalMethodsInternal Generic Functions
invisibleChange the Print Mode to Invisible
is.finiteFinite, Infinite and NaN Numbers
is.functionIs an Object of Type (Primitive) Function?
is.languageIs an Object a Language Object?
is.objectIs an Object 'internally classed'?
ISOdatetimeDate-time Conversion Functions from Numeric Representations
isRAre we using R, rather than S?
is.recursiveIs an Object Atomic or Recursive?
isS4Test for an S4 object
is.singleIs an Object of Single Precision Type?
isSymmetricTest if a Matrix or other Object is Symmetric
is.unsortedTest if an Object is Not Sorted
jitter'Jitter' (Add Noise) to Numbers
kappaCompute or Estimate the Condition Number of a Matrix
kroneckerKronecker Products on Arrays
l10n_infoLocalization Information
labelsFind Labels from Object
lapplyApply a Function over a List or Vector
Last.valueValue of Last Evaluated Expression
La_versionLAPACK Version
lazyloadLazy Load a Database of R Objects
lengthLength of an Object
lengthsLengths of List or Vector Elements
levelsLevels Attributes
libcurlVersionReport Version of libcurl
libPathsSearch Paths for Packages
libraryLoading/Attaching and Listing of Packages
library.dynamLoading DLLs from Packages
licenseThe R License Terms
listLists - Generic and Dotted Pairs
list2envFrom A List, Build or Add To an Environment
list.filesList the Files in a Directory/Folder
loadReload Saved Datasets
localesQuery or Set Aspects of the Locale
LogLogarithms and Exponentials
LogicLogical Operators
logicalLogical Vectors
LongVectorsLong Vectors
lower.triLower and Upper Triangular Part of a Matrix
lsList Objects
make.namesMake Syntactically Valid Names
make.uniqueMake Character Strings Unique
mapplyApply a Function to Multiple List or Vector Arguments
margin.tableCompute table margin
matchValue Matching
match.argArgument Verification Using Partial Matching
match.callArgument Matching
match.funExtract a Function Specified by Name
MathFunMiscellaneous Mathematical Functions
matmultMatrix Multiplication
mat.or.vecCreate a Matrix or a Vector
maxColFind Maximum Position in Matrix
meanArithmetic Mean
memCompressIn-memory Compression and Decompression
MemoryMemory Available for Data Storage
Memory-limitsMemory Limits in R
memory.profileProfile the Usage of Cons Cells
mergeMerge Two Data Frames
messageDiagnostic Messages
missingDoes a Formal Argument have a Value?
modeThe (Storage) Mode of an Object
NA'Not Available' / Missing Values
nameNames and Symbols
namesThe Names of an Object
nargsThe Number of Arguments to a Function
ncharCount the Number of Characters (or Bytes or Width)
nlevelsThe Number of Levels of a Factor
noquoteClass for 'no quote' Printing of Character Strings
normCompute the Norm of a Matrix
normalizePathExpress File Paths in Canonical Form
notyetNot Yet Implemented Functions and Unused Arguments
nrowThe Number of Rows/Columns of an Array
ns-dblcolonDouble Colon and Triple Colon Operators
ns-hooksHooks for Namespace Events
ns-internalNamespace Internals
ns-loadLoading and Unloading Name Spaces
ns-reflectNamespace Reflection Support
ns-topenvTop Level Environment
NULLThe Null Object
numericNumeric Vectors
NumericConstantsNumeric Constants
numeric_versionNumeric Versions
octmodeDisplay Numbers in Octal
on.exitFunction Exit Code
Ops.DateOperators on the Date Class
optionsOptions Settings
orderOrdering Permutation
outerOuter Product of Arrays
ParenParentheses and Braces
parseParse Expressions
pasteConcatenate Strings
path.expandExpand File Paths
pcre_configReport Configuration Options for PCRE
PlatformPlatform Specific Variables
pmatchPartial String Matching
polyrootFind Zeros of a Real or Complex Polynomial Positions in the Search Path to Environments
prettyPretty Breakpoints
PrimitiveLook Up a Primitive Function
printPrint Values
print.dataframePrinting Data Frames
print.defaultDefault Printing
prmatrixPrint Matrices, Old-style
proc.timeRunning Time of R
prodProduct of Vector Elements
prop.tableExpress Table Entries as Fraction of Marginal Table
pushBackPush Text Back on to a Connection
qrThe QR Decomposition of a Matrix
qrauxReconstruct the Q, R, or X Matrices from a QR Object
quitTerminate an R Session
RandomRandom Number Generation
Random-userUser-supplied Random Number Generation
rangeRange of Values
rankSample Ranks
rapplyRecursively Apply a Function to a List
rawRaw Vectors
rawConnectionRaw Connections
rawConversionConvert to or from Raw Vectors
RdUtilsUtilities for Processing Rd Files
readBinTransfer Binary Data To and From Connections
readCharTransfer Character Strings To and From Connections
readlineRead a Line from the Terminal
readLinesRead Text Lines from a Connection
readRDSSerialization Interface for Single Objects
readRenvironSet Environment Variables from a File
RecallRecursive Calling
regexRegular Expressions as used in R
reg.finalizerFinalization of Objects
regmatchesExtract or Replace Matched Substrings
repReplicate Elements of Vectors and Lists
replaceReplace Values in a Vector
ReservedReserved Words in R
revReverse Elements
RhomeReturn the R Home Directory
rleRun Length Encoding
rmRemove Objects from a Specified Environment
RoundRounding of Numbers
round.POSIXtRound / Truncate Data-Time Objects
rowRow Indexes
row.namesGet and Set Row Names for Data Frames
rowsumGive Column Sums of a Matrix or Data Frame, Based on a...
sampleRandom Samples and Permutations
saveSave R Objects
scaleScaling and Centering of Matrix-like Objects
scanRead Data Values
searchGive Search Path for R Objects
seekFunctions to Reposition Connections
seqSequence Generation
seq.DateGenerate Regular Sequences of Dates
seq.POSIXtGenerate Regular Sequences of Times
sequenceCreate A Vector of Sequences
serializeSimple Serialization Interface
setsSet Operations
setTimeLimitSet CPU and/or Elapsed Time Limits
showConnectionsDisplay Connections
shQuoteQuote Strings for Use in OS Shells
signSign Function
sinkSend R Output to a File
slice.indexSlice Indexes in an Array
slotOpExtract or Replace A Slot
socketSelectWait on Socket Connections
solveSolve a System of Equations
sortSorting or Ordering Vectors
sourceRead R Code from a File or a Connection
SpecialSpecial Functions of Mathematics
splitDivide into Groups and Reassemble
sprintfUse C-style String Formatting Commands
sQuoteQuote Text
srcfileReferences to source files
standardGenericFormal Method System - Dispatching S4 Methods
StartupInitialization at Start of an R Session
stopStop Function Execution
stopifnotEnsure the Truth of R Expressions
strptimeDate-time Conversion Functions to and from Character
strrepRepeat the Elements of a Character Vector
strsplitSplit the Elements of a Character Vector
strtoiConvert Strings to Integers
strtrimTrim Character Strings to Specified Display Widths
structureAttribute Specification
strwrapWrap Character Strings to Format Paragraphs
subsetSubsetting Vectors, Matrices and Data Frames
substituteSubstituting and Quoting Expressions
substrSubstrings of a Character Vector
sumSum of Vector Elements
summaryObject Summaries
svdSingular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
sweepSweep out Array Summaries
switchSelect One of a List of Alternatives
SyntaxOperator Syntax and Precedence
Sys.getenvGet Environment Variables
Sys.getpidGet the Process ID of the R Session
Sys.globWildcard Expansion on File Paths
Sys.infoExtract System and User Information
Sys.localeconvFind Details of the Numerical and Monetary Representations in...
sys.parentFunctions to Access the Function Call Stack
Sys.readlinkRead File Symbolic Links
Sys.setenvSet or Unset Environment Variables
Sys.setFileTimeSet File Time
Sys.sleepSuspend Execution for a Time Interval
sys.sourceParse and Evaluate Expressions from a File
systemInvoke a System Command
system2Invoke a System Command
system.fileFind Names of R System Files
system.timeCPU Time Used
Sys.timeGet Current Date and Time
Sys.whichFind Full Paths to Executables
tMatrix Transpose
tableCross Tabulation and Table Creation
tabulateTabulation for Vectors
tapplyApply a Function Over a Ragged Array
taskCallbackAdd or Remove a Top-Level Task Callback
taskCallbackManagerCreate an R-level Task Callback Manager
taskCallbackNamesQuery the Names of the Current Internal Top-Level Task...
tempfileCreate Names for Temporary Files
textconnectionsText Connections
tildeTilde Operator
timezonesTime Zones
toStringConvert an R Object to a Character String
traceInteractive Tracing and Debugging of Calls to a Function or...
tracebackPrint Call Stacks
tracememTrace Copying of Objects
transformTransform an Object, for Example a Data Frame
TrigTrigonometric Functions
trimwsRemove Leading/Trailing Whitespace
tryTry an Expression Allowing Error Recovery
typeofThe Type of an Object
uniqueExtract Unique Elements
unix/SignalsInterrupting Execution of R
unlinkDelete Files and Directories
unlistFlatten Lists
unnameRemove 'names' or 'dimnames'
UseMethodClass Methods
userhooksFunctions to Get and Set Hooks for Load, Attach, Detach and...
utf8ConversionConvert Integer Vectors to or from UTF-8-encoded Character...
validUTF8Check if a Character Vector is Validly Encoded
VectorizeVectorize a Scalar Function
VersionVersion Information
warningWarning Messages
warningsPrint Warning Messages
weekday.POSIXtExtract Parts of a POSIXt or Date Object
whichWhich indices are TRUE?
which.minWhere is the Min() or Max() or first TRUE or FALSE ?
windows/shellInvoke a System Command, using a Shell
windows/shell.execOpen a File or URL using Windows File Associations
withEvaluate an Expression in a Data Environment
withVisibleReturn both a value and its visibility
writeWrite Data to a File
writeLinesWrite Lines to a Connection
xtfrmAuxiliary Function for Sorting and Ranking
zapsmallRounding of Numbers
zMachineNumerical Characteristics of the Machine
zpackagesListing of Packages
zScriptScripting Language Interface
zutilsMiscellaneous Internal/Programming Utilities
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