Man pages for robertzk/objectdiff

additionsCompute a patch of additions on a recursive object.
commitCommit a change to a tracked environment.
commitsA named list of all commits.
copy_envCopy one environment into another recursively.
deletionsCompute a patch of deletions on a recursive object.
diffCompute a patch that takes a diff of a recursive object (list...
estimate_sizeEstimate the size of a list stochastically.
force_pushForce push a tracked environment to a given commit.
heterogeneous_list_patchCompute a patch between two lists of different length or...
homogeneous_list_patchCompute a patch between two same-name same-length lists.
is.identity_patchCheck if an R object is an identity patch.
is.patchCheck if an R object is a patch.
is.trivial_patchCheck if an R object is a trivial patch.
modificationsCompute a patch of modifications on a recursive object.
objectdiffGenerate patch to turn one R object into another.
objectdiff-data.frame-data.frame-methodRecord what changes have been made to a tracked environment.
objectdiff-environment-environment-methodTransform an environment into another environment.
objectdiff-list-list-methodTransform a list into another list.
objectdiff-numeric-numeric-methodTransform an atomic vector into an atomic vector.
objectdiff-tracked_environment-tracked_environment-methodRecord what changes have been made to a tracked environment.
patch-classA patching function to transform one R object into another.
patch_templateCreate a patch from environment injected objects and body.
reorder_names_patchRe-order names according to the names of object.
rollbackRoll back commits to an earlier version of the tracked...
squish_patchesSquish a sequence of patches off a base object into one.
tracked_environmentAn environment object that tracks changes made to its...
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