Man pages for robertzk/rocco
rocco (

check_for_staticdocs_packageChecks that the staticdocs package is installed.
compileCompile a Rocco Page From a Template.
create_instCreate the inst directory.
create_staticdocs_folderCreate the staticdocs directory.
create_staticdocs_indexCreate the staticdocs index.
dir_createCreate a directory if it doesn't exist.
dir_existsCheck to see if a directory exists within the package.
inst_existsCheck whether the inst folder exists.
load_staticdocsAdd staticdocs into the Rocco directory.
roccoLiterate Documentation For R.
rocco_skeletonCreate a Skeleton for Rocco Documentation.
staticdocs_existCheck whether staticdocs exist.
staticdocs_folder_existsCheck whether the staticdocs folder exists.
staticdocs_index_existsCheck whether a staticdoc index file exists.
staticdocs_writtenCheck whether staticdoc files have been written.
write_staticdocsWrites staticdocs if they don't already exist.
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