Man pages for robertzk/syberia

active_projectThe current active Syberia project.
any_is_substring_ofWhether or not any substring of a string is any of a set of...
build_engineBuild a syberia engine.
ensure_no_global_variable_pollutionEnsure no global variables are polluted during an expression.
ensure_resources_are_testedCheck that all mandatory tested resources have tests.
find_test_hookFetch the test setup or teardown hook, if any exists.
infix_orNon-null selection operator.
should_excludeWhether to exclude a syberia engine from being used for...
syberia_engineBootstrap a Syberia engine.
syberia-semi-colonSyberia is a development meta-framework for R.
syberia_versionFetch the current Syberia version.
test_engineRun all tests in a syberia project or engine.
test_resourceRun the tests for a single resource.
test_resourcesRun the tests on a given set of resources.
traverse_parent_directoriesPerform an action repeatedly on parent directories until...
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