Man pages for robertzk/syberiaStructure
Syberia Structure

is.syberia_projectVerifies that the given filename points to the base of a...
normalized_filenameNormalize a file name.
sourceOverwrite built-in source function.
syberia_configFetch the configuration for a Syberia project.
syberia_data_sourcesFind all the data sources in a Syberia project.
syberia_modelsFind all the model objects in a Syberia project.
syberia_objectsFind all the syberia objects of the given type and subtype in...
syberia_resourceFetch info about a file relative to a syberia directory.
syberia_resource_with_modification_trackingFetch a syberia resource with modification tracking.
syberia_rootDetermine the root path of the current Syberia project.
syberia_stackA helper interface for a stack of syberia resources.
syberiaStructureSyberia provides an opinionated unified framework for fast...
try_memoizeAttempt to memoize a function using the memoise package.
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