Man pages for robinspollak/R.openFEC
R Package for Open FEC Data

candidates_searchSearch Candidates
committee_searchSearch for a Committee
fec_apiQuery the Open FEC API
get_candidateGet Information on a Candidate
get_candidate_committeesFind Committees that Support a Candidate
get_candidate_committees_historyFind Committees that Support a Candidate, through History
get_candidate_historyGet History a Candidate
get_candidatesGet Candidates
get_candidates_totalsGet Candidate Totals
get_committeeGet Information on a Committee
get_committee_candidatesGet Candidates in a Committee
get_committee_candidates_historyGet History of Candidates in a Committee
get_committee_financial_reportsQuery for Committee Financial reports
get_committee_historyGet History of a Committee
get_election_financial_summaryQuery for an Election Financial Summary
get_filingsGet FEC Filings based on Query Params
get_filings_for_candidateGet FEC Filings for a Candidate
get_filings_for_committeeGet FEC Filings for a Committee
get_financial_totals_by_entityQuery for financial totals by entity type
search_for_electionSearch for an Election's Financial Records
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