Man pages for robjhyndman/hdrcde
Highest Density Regions and Conditional Density Estimation

BoxCoxBox Cox Transformation
cdeConditional Density Estimation
cde.bandwidthsBandwidth calculation for conditional density estimation
hdrHighest Density Regions
hdr.boxplotHighest Density Region Boxplots
hdr.boxplot.2dBivariate Highest Density Regions
hdrbwHighest Density Region Bandwidth
hdr.cdeCalculate highest density regions continously over some...
hdrconfHDRs with confidence intervals
hdr.denDensity plot with Highest Density Regions
hdrscatterplotScatterplot showing bivariate highest density regions
lane2Speed-Flow data for Californian Freeway
maxtempDaily maximum temperatures in Melbourne, Australia
modalregNonparametric Multimodal Regression
plot.cdePlots conditional densities
plot.hdrconfPlot HDRs with confidence intervals
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