Man pages for robjhyndman/tsfeatures
Time Series Feature Extraction

acf_featuresAutocorrelation-based features
arch_statARCH LM Statistic
as.list.mtsConvert mts object to list of time series
crossing_pointsNumber of crossing points
embeddingFinding embedding based on distances
entropySpectral entropy of a time series
flat_spotsNumber of flat spots
heterogeneityHeterogeneity coefficients
holt_parametersParameter estimates of Holt's linear trend method
hurstHurst coefficent
lumpinessTime series features based on tiled windows
max_level_shiftTime series features based on sliding windows
nonlinearityNonlinearity coefficent
pacf_featuresPartial autocorrelation-based features
stl_featuresStrength of trend and seasonality of a time series
tsfeaturesTime series feature matrix
unitroot_kpssUnit Root Test Statistics
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