Man pages for robkemp/codemog
Colorado State Demography Office Population Data

age_catCategorize a continuous age variable into common categories.
ann_grCalculates annualized growth rates.
codemog_apiLinks R to the URL based REST API for the CO Demography...
codemog-packageColorado State Demography Office Population Data
codemog_palColorado State Demography Office Color Palette for ggplot2
county_baseCounty Base Industry Analysis Data
county_estCounty Estimates
county_forecastCounty by Age and Sex Estimates and Forecasts
county_histCounty Historical Population Estimates
county_jobsCounty Jobs Data
county_ts_chartCreates a 'ggplot2' chart of the population for a CO county
ed_catCategorize a continuous education variable into common...
emp_catRecategorize the ACS Employment status variable (ESR)
muni_estMunicipal Estimates
muni_histMunicipal Historical Population Estimates
muni_ts_chartCreates a 'ggplot2' chart of the population for a CO...
muni_win_estMunicipalities within County Estimates
muni_win_histMunicipal parts within counties Historical Population...
theme_codemogColorado State Demography Office ggplot2 Theme
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