Man pages for rockclimber112358/romeHousePrices
Package to scrape and analyze Rome housing prices

addressToCoordAddress to Coordinate
assignDirectoryGet Directory
cleanAddressFileClean Address file
cleanImbClean Immobiliare data
cleanMioAffittoClean Mio Affitto data
compileScrapedHistoryCompile scraped history
getAgenzieDetailsImmobiliareGet contact details of housing agenices listed on...
getAgenzieNumImmobiliareGet number of pages listing housing agencies in Rome from...
getCasaMainPagesCreate urls to feed to get PropertyUrlsCasa
getMetroDataGet Metro Data
getNumPagesCasaGet Number of Pages for
getNumPagesImmobiliareGet Number of Pages for Immobiliare
getNumPagesMioAffittoGet Number of Pages (Mio Affitto)
getPropertyDetailsCasaGet Property Details for #copied from immobiliare...
getPropertyDetailsImmobiliareGet Property Details for Immobiliare
getPropertyDetailsMioAffittoGet Property Details for Mio Affitto
getPropertyUrlsCasaGet Property urls for Casa.IT in Rome
getPropertyUrlsImmobiliareGet Property Urls for Immobiliare
getPropertyUrlsMioAffittoGet Property urls for Mio Affitto
plotDataPlot Data
pullGridAddressesPull Grid Addresses
pullNewAddressesPull New Addresses
substrRightExtract n characters from the right of a string
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