Man pages for rogiersbart/rtoolz
A collection of useful functions

add_belgian_lambert_1972Add Belgian Lambert 1972 coordinates to a data frame
add_long_latAdd long lat coordinates to a data frame
add_mercatorAdd mercator coordinates to a data frame
back_transformBack transformation based on data attributes
bayesian_data_fusionBayesian data fusion
belgian_lambert_1972Belgian Lambert 1972 coordinate reference system
belgian_lambert_2008Belgian Lambert 2008 coordinate reference system
clearRemove all objects from an environment
clipboardCopy/paste data from/to clipboard
containsCheck if file contains the provided pattern
convert_coordinatesConvert data frame coordinates to another coordinate...
convert_shapefile_to_dataframeConvert a shapefile with point data to a table with the...
create_3d_gridCreate a regular rectangular 3d grid coordinates data frame
dws_gaussian_kernelDistance weighted statistics: gaussian kernel
dws_pair_weightsDistance weighted statistics: pair weights
dws_point_weightsDistance weighted statistics: point weights
dws_weighted_exp_varDistance weighted statistics: weighted experimental variogram
erfError function
erfcComplementary error function
find_and_replaceFind and replace text string in files
fullWrite number in full
geomeanCalculate a geometric mean
get_comments_from_linesGet comments at the beginning of a vector of strings
ggplot_coloursGet ggplot default colours
gstat_combine_vgmCombine separately modelled isotropic horizontal and vertical...
gstat_krige_2d_fieldKrige a 2d field with gstat
gstat_model_2d_variogramModel a 2d variogram with gstat
gstat_remove_negative_psillsRemove negative partial sills from a gstat variogram model
gstat_transform_to_lmcTransform gstat object to linear model of coregionalization
harmeanCalculate a harmonic mean
ifelse0Conditional return
indicator_transformIndicator transform
load_knitr_cacheLoad all knitr cache data
long_latLongitude latitude coordinate reference system
MAEMean Absolute Error
MEMean Error
mercatorMercator coordinate reference system
mirror.matrixmirror a matrix
MSEMean Squared Error
normal_transformNormal transform
nseNash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
performance_measuresModel performance measures
points_on_circleGet n points evenly spread on a circle
prettyCharFormat a character object with specified width, analogues to...
r2Coefficient of Determination
read_gslibRead a GSLIB file
remove_comments_end_of_lineRemove comments at the end of a string
remove_comments_from_linesRemove comments at the beginning of a vector of strings
remove_empty_stringsRemove empty elements from a vector of strings.
rev_rainbowReversed rainbow color palette
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error
set_default_crsChange default coordinate reference system
split_line_numbersSplit a string in numbers.
split_line_wordsSplit a string in words.
sseSum of Squared Errors
strsplit0Split the Elements of a Character Vector, and remove empty...
update.descriptionUpdate an R package description file after performing a git...
weighted.geomeanCalculate a weighted geometric mean
weighted.harmeanCalculate a weighted harmonic mean
weighted.varWeighted variance
write_gslibWrite a GSLIB file
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